Arctic Cat visade ny motor och Garmin display på Hay Days

The All-New 858 Engine - Power with Precision

Purpose-Built for the CATALYST Platform

  • The 858 engine was designed to optimize the CATALYST platform’s centralized design, so the rider is the active force providing more power with more precision and control.

  • The innovative laydown engine design places the intake and exhaust in front of the engine allowing for the industry’s best mass centralization and lower center of gravity that the rider can feel for incomparable maneuverability.

  • Improved exhaust valve and fuel system controls for increased performance and reduced emissions.

  • The design is based on decades of Arctic Cat innovation complemented by the ingenuity of the current team to ensure the engine components fit the CATALYST platform’s design. From working around the centerline steering to integrating components for weight reduction and increased performance, there were no compromises in building an engine that would take the Arctic Cat ride experience to the next level.

  • When designing CATALYST, Arctic Cat considered the different powerplants that would be housed in the platform. The brand-new 858 engine is an even lighter package with a lower center of gravity creating a better power to weight ratio for a unique ride.

  • Available across trail, crossover and mountain platforms.


Optimized Power in the Industry’s Easiest to Ride Package

  • Along with its innovative design to complement the CATALYST platform’s mass centralization, the 858 engine provides the right amount of horsepower for superior performance.

  • A new air intake system that is integrated into the platform maximizes airflow to the engine for more power output. Multiple secondary, under-hood inlets prevent snow ingestion and optimize performance in all snow conditions.

  • The new, patented exhaust valve design is the latest, most advanced in the industry. It stays tight to the piston as it moves and provides smoother exhaust port flow throughout a wider RPM range on both primary and auxiliary ports. It also provides seamless power and cleaner emissions.

  • Compared to Arctic Cat’s 800 engine, the 858 engine provides 11% more power and torque, providing quicker acceleration and a higher top speed.

More Power with Lighter Weight for an Exhilarating Ride

  • With its integrated engine mounting design and new exhaust system, the 858 engine is 4% lighter in weight than the current 800 engine. It’s also lighter and provides a lower center of gravity compared to competitive engines.

  • A lighter weight design coupled with the CATALYST platform’s centralized mass and low center of gravity provides easier and more-precise handling for a ride experience like no other.

  • To keep a lightweight, compact size for the CATALYST platform, Arctic Cat used an 85mm bore while increasing to a 75.6 stroke to achieve more horsepower and deep, bottomless torque that pulls hard and smoothly through the entire RPM range. The result is a power-dense, easier to ride package.

  • The 858’s power-to-weight ratio coupled with the unique, lightweight CATALYST platform design takes carving through deep snow, maneuvering tight trails and boondocking to the next level.


Durable and Reliable to Spend More Time on the Snow

  • The CATALYST platform was designed to be durable and easy to service with its belt drive system and completely tool-less plastic panels that are removeable for access to critical components. The 858 engine was built to complement the platform. The result: a snowmobile that can withstand the rigors of riding and minimize time off snow.

  • Arctic Cat took learnings from the time-tested 400 and 800 engines and created the incredibly durable and reliable 858 engine.

  • The engine has fewer parts and integrated mounting design in the crankcase — making it strong and easy to service.

• Arctic Cat announced an agreement with Garmin in 2021 to integrate TreadTM, the rugged 5.5-inch Powersport Navigator, into newer Arctic Cat snowmobiles and off road models with Tread install kits.

• For Model Year 2025, select snowmobile models are equipped with the Arctic Cat G8 display. The 5.5-inch Tread continues to be offered as an accessory and is compatible with key features of the Arctic Cat G8 display.

Status bar at the bottom of all screens offering quick navigation, active warnings, and key vehicle information.

Trail Maps-Pre-loaded Snowmobile trail maps for the United States and Canada that include points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations and campgrounds. Map views are layered to include topography, private/public lands, and various other features. Users can also plan and track routes.

Group Ride -Without cellular coverage, users can use the integrated Group Ride Radio to see, text, and track up to 20 riders.

Paired with a compatible Bluetooth headset, riders can also communicate with other riders through 2-way voice.

Riders without an integrated device can download the free mobile app and join a cellular based Group Ride as well as enjoy all mapping features.

*Radio based Group Ride not available in Canada or Europe.

Phone Connectivity-Receive smart notifications, access dial pad, view contacts, receive live weather forecasts, look at the radar and play music when paired to a mobile device.